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Free Family Feud PowerPoint Templates

Family feud free online

Use these free Family Feud PowerPoint templates to create your own custom Family Feud to use in the classroom as a fun game to review for a test or be introduced to a new unit.

These templates are all modeled after the game show Family Feud and are played much like the actual game. You can set them up to work for all ages of students in your classroom. They also make a great addition to homeschool curriculum.

You ll need to open these Family Feud templates either in Microsoft PowerPoint or another free presentation software program. Once you have them open you can customize them with your own questions.

Some of the templates are ready for you to enter questions and then show them to students. Other ones have more bells and whistles that you can customize for a one-of-a-kind experience for your students.

If you re looking for more free PowerPoint games, there are also the popular Jeopardy PowerPoint templates that are great for a test review.

Realistic Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

This template has an intro song, very realistic 3D graphics, and provides just an all around awesome experience. There are 6 rounds each with a total possible number of 8 answers.

Answers are hidden away behind boxes that you must click to reveal them. Incorrect answers can be marked as such so the question is transferred to the other team after three incorrect attempts.

You can manually play noises as if from the crowd, such as a win, lose, cheer, and boo noise.

Note: To download this PowerPoint template in the PPTX format, just put in your email address and place a zero in the USD box. Click Continue to have the download link emailed to you. More

Simple Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

This is a very simple PPT template that has a game of 10 questions, each with 3 possible answers that you must guess.

You can keep score with this template, though you must manually enter the score numbers, and there are 14 slides in total.

Note: This download will start immediately after clicking the download link here. More

One Round Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

This is another link to a simple Family Feud PowerPoint template that supports only 8 questions, though the graphics are impressive and it does include sound effects.

Aside from the intro slide, there are two slides in this template. As you click each box, the answer is automatically revealed behind it.

Some of this game s text is in a non-English language, but they can obviously be changed with ease. More

5-Choice Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

I like the graphics and sounds in this PowerPoint template. This one has 5 slides by default, each with 5 possible choices for the answer.

The slides are easy to edit as any other Family Feud template from this list, so you can always remove a couple choices from the answers if you don t need all of them. More

Easy Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

This PPT template is extremely simple, so there aren t any fun buttons, sounds, or Family Feud-specific graphics. Since each answer has its own slide, they re very easy to change.

Because the answer slides appear right after the question, the teams must guess all the answers at once before revealing the answer slide, else all the answers will reveal at once. More

Sliding Graphics Family Feud PowerPoint Template

Family feud free online

There are a few slides and 10 questions in this template and each answer has a unique animation when it s revealed.

The graphics in this template aren t anything to get excited about but the game still functions just fine.

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