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I’m not sure what it is about individual serving desserts, but they are certainly seem like more fun to eat. These easy White Chocolate Cherry No Bake Pies are a perfect example. Instead of using a single graham cracker pie crust, I thought it would be more enjoyable for my family to each receive their own mini pie. I was right! My kids thought it was so cool! It does take a bit more prep work to prepare the pies this way, but when it came time to serve it was much quicker and easier than slices of pie. This would make a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert but works well year round. Print White Chocolate Cherry No Bake Pies. continue reading.

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I love the flavor of cranberry in all sorts of dishes! From drinks to breads, I find them refreshing! But the one thing I’m not a huge fan of is traditional cranberry sauce. I like my cranberries a bit on the sweet side versus tart. And often. continue reading.

It is fall people and I’ve managed to somehow not post something pumpkin yet. Say what? Seems a bit crazy to me too, but here we are with a doozy (or should I say boozy) recipe from the super talented Joanne Andrea. This is a woman after my own. continue reading.

If you are looking for an amazing raspberry cake recipe, look no further! This recipe from Joanne Andrea is definitely a keeper. Joanne’s best friend came by and took some of this cake to her workplace and much to her delight, the women there loved. continue reading.

My husband and I share birthdays exactly one week apart. We recently celebrated at my parent’s house with a fun cookout. I’ve talked before about how my mom goes all out for guests and this wasn’t an exception. We had talked about keeping things. continue reading.

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Family Feud Slot Machines – Family Feud Slots #free #virus #protection

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Family Feud Slot Machines – Online Family Feud Slots

The Family Feud Slots Machine

The Family Feud Slot Machine Game is another television game show themed slot from International Game Technology (IGT). These games were formally known as Family Feud Challenge Video Slots, but whatever you call them you are sure to have a blast. Sounds and clips from the television show resonate from the machine before, during, and after you are done playing. Does it get any better than hearing the famous catchphrase “Survey Says…” while playing a game you love?

Family Feud Slot Machines: The Details

Originally the Family Feud slot was designed by Silicon Gaming exclusively for the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas by Silicon Gaming, Inc. The Family Feud Slot Game initially came in three different variations; a standard nine line video slot, a multi-deck video poker game and a re-spin video slot game. In 2001 Silicon Gaming merged with IGT and a five reel, 15 payline Family Feud slot machine was released. When you play Family Feud Slots it has a coin denomination of five cents and a maximum bet of $3.75 or 75 coins. One benefit of a 15 payline machine is that you don’t have to bet the maximum amount of coins to take home the highest payout. For this reason, you can play Family Feud slots on the cheap while still giving yourself the chance to win big .

Family Feud Slots Bonus Game

When you play Family Feud Slots you will find it has a bonus round that closely follows the television game show. When a player hits a designated bonus jackpot the bonus round is triggered. First, the entire machine appears to shut down and go dark. Then, a red siren starts to spin on top of a camera mounted to the side of the machine. A stage director appears on the video screen and tells the player they are on in five….four…three…two…one and then the director points at the player and their face comes on the screen a picture is taken.

The bonus round has begun! It is time to meet the contestants! A picture of a family is shown on the screen, followed by the picture of the player. The game proceeds with a question randomly chosen from the game’s 1,000 question database. Just like in the game show the top answers are listed on “the board” and the players “guesses” are shown on a rotating placard. The player selects a guess and is awarded the bonus revealed by when the guess is matched to one of the top answers on the board. The more popular the guess, the higher the bonus. Play continues until they player guesses all of the answers or gets three strikes. At this point the bonus round is over.

Family Feud Progressive Slots and the Megajackpots Network

IGT’s megajackpot network is very common in casinos from one side of the United States to the next. What does this mean to you, the player? Simply put, your machine is linked to many other Family Feud slots. The result is regular progressive jackpots of $500k. And believe it or not, there are a couple of jackpots that have gone well over $1 million before a lucky played cashed in.

Play Family Feud Slot Machines

I take the time to play Family Feud slots any chance I get. It is one of my favorite slot machines. Not only do these games offer the ability to play for cheap, but the amount of your bet has no bearing on the potential for winning a large jackpot. Though I have yet to hit one of the hundred thousand dollar jackpots it is safe to say that I will keep trying – even if I have to hear the “strike” buzzer time after time! If you want to learn more about slot machines and some tricks to winning more often when you play them you might visit www.slotmachinesystems.net to learn about slot machine systems used to beat the machines.

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K-12 Social Studies and Social Sciences for Kids and Teachers – games, activities, learning modules,

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Mr. Donn’s Site
for Kids & Teachers

American History for Kids and Teachers Index
New World Explorers, Native Americans, 13 Colonies, American Revolution, Freedom Documents, A New Nation, Western Expansion, Slavery, American Civil War, Industrial Revolution, The Nation Grows, Progressive Era, Gilded Age, Immigration, Factories, Roaring 20s, Great Depression, US Civil Rights Movement, Patriotic Symbols, Wars, Government, Economics, and more

Ancient Civilizations for Kids and Teachers Index
Archaeology, Early Humans, Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India, Celts, Mongols, 7 Ancient Wonders More

World History for Kids and Teachers Index
Middle Ages, Vikings, Pirates, Renaissance, Exploration, Political Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, African Kingdoms, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Saxons, Normans and More

Social Sciences – history, geography, civics, culture, contemporary issues and problems, sociology, and psychology!

Topics Sections:

Pete’s Power Point Station
Thousands of FREE presentations
in PowerPoint format

With great excitement, we are pleased to announce
We’re Published!

Our first feedback (Wow! Thank you!):
Your units are exactly what I had hoped for
–readable, interesting topics that fit my curriculum objectives
with lots of structured activities to bring it alive.
World History will be the class we all look forward to every day.

Mr. Donn and Maxie’s Ancient History PowerPoints Series
Written by Lin Don Donn,
illustrated by Phillip Martin, Published by Good Year Books

Our books and educational materials are available through our publisher ,
and through Amazon online Borders (Barnes and Noble) in store

Here’s our write up in the BBC Educational Web Guide!
(We loved it!)

“This is an excellent resource for students and teachers of ancient history.
The site covers the civilisations of
Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and others.
Amongst a wealth of information there are lesson plans,
links to related sites and to more history sites by the same author.
Though a little Americanised, this site has a lot of educational value
if you are prepared to adapt it to your curriculum needs
(and if you can ignore the jovial Americanisms!).”

All Rights Reserved

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What is the DNS Changer Malware?

On November 8, the FBI, the NASA-OIG and Estonian police arrested several cyber criminals in “Operation Ghost Click”. The criminals operated under the company name “Rove Digital”, and distributed DNS changing viruses, variously known as TDSS, Alureon, TidServ and TDL4 viruses. You can read more about the arrest of the Rove Digital principals here, and in the FBI Press Release.

What does the DNS Changer Malware do?

The botnet operated by Rove Digital altered user DNS settings, pointing victims to malicious DNS in data centers in Estonia, New York, and Chicago. The malicious DNS servers would give fake, malicious answers, altering user searches, and promoting fake and dangerous products. Because every web search starts with DNS, the malware showed users an altered version of the Internet.

Under a court order, expiring July 9, the Internet Systems Consortium is operating replacement DNS servers for the Rove Digital network. This will allow affected networks time to identify infected hosts, and avoid sudden disruption of services to victim machines.

How Can I Protect Myself?

This page describes how you can determine if you are infected, and how you can clean infected machines. To check if you’re infected, Click Here. If you believe you are infected, here are instructions on how to clean your computer.

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