Expert Carpet Cleaning Services by Dalworth Clean in the Dallas #air #duct #cleaning #elgin #il

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Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Services The Next Best Thing To New. Revitalize Your Tile Floor With Our Deep Tile Cleaning Grout Protection Services. Get Clean Remove Hazy Dust Buildup With Our Wood Floor Cleaning Services Remove Dirt, Stains, Dust Mites, and Allergens With Our Fabrics Upholstery Cleaning Services Free Rug Pick Up and Delivery With Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Services Fresh Clean. Odor Removal Guaranteed With Our Pet Odor Removal Services

Carpet Cleaning Repair

Wood Floor Cleaning

Tile Grout Cleaning

Stone Floor Cleaning

Extreme Clean for Health

Fabrics Upholstery

Concrete Floor Polishing

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Pet Odor Removal Services

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Odor Control

Dust Down

Stainless Steel Restoration

Expert Carpet Cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metro Area

Dalworth Clean has proudly served the Dallas/Fort Worth and “ North Texas area since 1976. We provide professional floor cleaning and restoration for every type of flooring in your home or office, including: Carpet. Wood. Tile and Grout. Natural Stone flooring and Area Rugs. We also polish and stain concrete !

Additional Dalworth Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Save Time! Order Online.

Ordering from our website is quick and easy. Select one of our pre-set service packages, or create your own unique level of service for each area in your home. Ordering from also gives you access to our best pricing.

Award Winning Service with Dalworth Clean

You ll enjoy Award Winning Service when you choose Dalworth.

Dalworth provides award-winning customer service and is recognized as a leader in the cleaning industry. See our Awards Page for more information.

Allergy Relief

We have solutions for relief from common household allergens including, pet dander, dust mites, household dust, mold and pollens. Our industry standard Deep Steam Cleaning process helps to remove the allergens from carpet. draperies. upholstery. mattresses. area rugs and tile. We offer a deep dust removal service, Dustdown Service dust prevention and multiple disinfecting treatments for all of the surfaces and spaces in your home or office.

Area Rug Cleaning

Dalworth Rug Cleaning cleans fine area rugs from around the world. Whether your rug is Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian or American Indian, our state of the art rug cleaning plant gives a whole new meaning to the word Clean . Our 10-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process is excellent for everything from machine made rugs to hand made investment grade rugs. Our cleaning system is powerfully gentle and highly effective. We offer pick-up and delivery, or bring your rug in, save a little money and take a tour of our unique facility.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services

If fire, flood or storm damage occurs in your home or commercial property you can trust Dalworth to save the day. Dalworth Restoration. our sister company, is ready for any job, small or large. Our team of experts offers the full range of restoration services. From emergency water removal and structural drying, personal contents restoration as well a full range of re-construction services. We ll work with your insurance company to quickly process your claim and return your home or office to its pre-loss condition in no time.

Contact Dalworth Clean

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How To Make A Flowchart in PowerPoint #helpdesk #flowchart

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How To Make A Flowchart in PowerPoint

A flowchart is meant to display a task or process in a sequence. Such charts are often required for making business diagrams, models showing production processes and tasks. There are various methods by which you can create flow charts in PowerPoint. including with the help of SmartArt Graphics, shapes and readymade templates.

How To Create Flowcharts With SmartArt in PowerPoint

The best method to create flowcharts on your own is with the help of SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint. This method is even recommended by Microsoft in its support section. Below is a complete guide which shows how to create a flow chart using SmartArt.

Select A SmartArt Graphic

In the first step, go to Insert- SmartArt and select a graphic for making your flow chart. There are various graphics that you can use for this purpose, however, the best SmartArt graphics include the ones in the Lists. Process. Cycle , Hierarchy and Relationship sections.

Add Process Layout Information

In the next step, fill the boxes to create a sequential process layout. When making a flowchart make sure that the shapes you use are appropriately placed.

Add Shapes To The Flowchart

You can add additional shapes to the flowchart from the Add Shape menu in SmartArt Tools. This can allow you to add additional shapes to your flowchart.

Change Shape Type To Reflect The Right Symbol

As mentioned earlier, different shapes in a flowchart represent different meanings, therefore; it is important to use the right shape for each section of the flowchart. You can format the flowchart shapes by right-clicking on a shape and going to Change Shape. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can select specific flowchart shapes from this menu. If you are not sure about which shape to apply; hover your mouse over a shape for its name to appear.

Note: Each shape in a flow chart holds a special meaning, make sure you use the right shapes to show the process in sequence. To see the meaning of different shapes in a flowchart check out our post: Meaning Of Different Flowchart Symbols .

Format Your Flowchart Design

You can tweak your flowchart to give it an appropriate design via SmartArt Styles. Furthermore, you can change the colors for your SmartArt Flowchart from Change Colors menu (in SmartArt Tools). Similarly, you can pick a background color for your slide from the Design tab in PowerPoint.

Sample Flowchart Made With SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint

The below image shows a sample Flowchart made with SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint.

How To Create Flowcharts With Shapes in PowerPoint

You can also make flowcharts using shapes. To add shapes to PowerPoint go to insert- Shapes.

After selecting the required shape drag your mouse over the slide to generate the selected shape.

To format an individual shape, select the shape and go to Quick Styles or make use of the plethora of options that will appear from the Ribbon Menu in Drawing Tools .

The below screenshot shows a sample flowchart created with shapes in PowerPoint.

Flowchart PowerPoint Templates

If you find it too laborious to create flowcharts using shapes or SmartArt, then you can opt for Flowchart PowerPoint Templates. Below are a few customizable PowerPoint templates that you can use for making flowcharts.

Process Flow Diagram Template For PowerPoint

This is an excellent premium diagram template for PowerPoint which provides an editable process flow chart that can be used for making a flowchart in no time. This template comes with a number of sample slides that offer a variety of sample flowcharts that can be customized to suit your needs.

Free Process Flow Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This is another fine flowchart diagram template with different sample slides that provide sample flowcharts. This template even comes with a standalone slide with given clipart to help you copy/paste shapes across various slides for conveniently making flowcharts.

Free Simple Process Chart PowerPoint Template

This is another free flowchart template that can be used for making conventional and business flowcharts. While the sample slides in this template appear less like a typical flowchart, however you can move around the shape and arrows to easily construct a decent flowchart with some nice graphics.

Other than PowerPoint you can also draw flowcharts with the help of various third-party tools. For more details, see our post about Best Paid And Free Flow Chart Makers or you can download chart and diagrams for PowerPoint presentations.

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    Use Excel to make elegant and neat flowcharts in a spreadsheet using this template. You can download this free flowchart template as a free sample

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    Making flow charts in PowerPoint can help to describe the entire flow of a process as well as making comprehensive funnel analysis presentations for sales

    Free PowerPoint Templates

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    Dedicated Servers, Linux and Windows Web Hosting in Canada, Managed Hosting, Managed Servers from Sun

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    best cloud hosting providers

    Best cloud hosting providers

    Best cloud hosting providers


    Linux and Windows Managed Web Hosting

    Best cloud hosting providers

    Sun Hosting is Canada’s leading Web hosting company and server colocation facility serving Canadian as well as U.S. businesses since 1995. Sun Hosting is the only company to offer a fully certified Tier III data center in the greater Montreal area as approved by the Uptime Institute of America.

    All our hosting services are priced at the wholesale level so our customers get the best value for all their hosting needs. Beginning in January, Sun Hosting will offer Ubuntu Linux version 10.10 on its dedicated servers.

    Dedicated server specials. First come, first served:

    Best cloud hosting providers

    Our mission is simple: Provide the most reliable Web hosting services, combined with the best technical support, at the lowest price possible. For more than 12 years, Sun Hosting has been providing dependable Web hosting services to businesses, education, non profit organizations and the government. Let us do the same for you today! All prices on our site are in Canadian funds!

    With the most modern data centers in most major North American city, Sun Hosting is in a position to offer the highest reliability in Web hosting services, all at a very reasonable cost. Sun Hosting offers Windows hosting services as well as Linux plans to satisfy your company’s exacting needs.

    All our hosting plans include full UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), further protected by industrial-grade diesel power generators. Our data centers incorporate full fire protection, are completely air-conditioned, feature closed-circuit TV surveillance cameras, and are constantly manned by security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    In all our data center infrastructure, no expenses have been spared to make our hosting services the most dependable and reliable there is. At the forefront of technology, Sun Hosting is the envy of its industry and is one of the main reasons why our client list has been growing consistently for the past ten years.

    Sun Hosting has one of the highest R ?>

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    Final panicked words of pilot in Colombian plane crash as he ran out of

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    Micky Quiroga’s final words were heard by a fellow pilot (Picture: Facebook)

    The final words of the pilot on the plane carrying a Brazilian football team have been released.

    Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami was heard saying ‘there’s no fuel’, ‘help us’ and ‘we’re going down’.

    The conversation he had with air traffic controllers was heard by fellow pilot Juan Sebastian Upegui.

    The crash of the charter plane close to its destination killed 71 people, including 20 Brazilian sports journalists travelling to cover what would have been a remarkable occasion for Chapecoense football club, who had risen from the lower leagues to contend in the top tier.

    Colombian authorities are searching for answers following the crash involving a football team whose Cinderella story took them to the finals of one of South America’s most prestigious regional tournaments slammed into Colombia’s Andes mountains, killing all but six of the 77 people on board.

    Scroll down for audio

    Just six people survived the crash (Picture: Reuters)

    The British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane’s crew declared an emergency and lost radar contact just before 10pm local time on Monday (3am GMT on Tuesday), according to Colombia’s aviation agency. It said the plane’s black boxes had been recovered and were being analysed.

    The aircraft, which departed from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, was carrying the Chapecoense team from southern Brazil for Wednesday’s first leg of the two-game Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional of Medellin. Twenty-one Brazilian journalists were also on board.

    Colombian officials initially said the plane suffered an electrical failure but there was also heavy rain at the time of the crash.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

    Authorities also said they were not ruling out the possibility, relayed to rescuers by a surviving flight attendant, that the plane ran out of fuel minutes before its scheduled landing at Jose Maria Cordova airport outside Medellin.

    The emotional pain of Colombia’s deadliest air tragedy in two decades was felt across the football world.

    Expressions of grief poured in as South America’s federation cancelled all scheduled matches in a show of solidarity, Real Madrid’s squad interrupted its training for a minute of silence and Argentine legend Diego Maradona sent his condolences to the victims’ families on Facebook.

    The black boxes have now been recovered (Picture: Getty)

    Brazil’s top teams offered to loan the small club players next season so they can rebuild following the sudden end to a fairytale season that saw Chapecoense reach the tournament final just two years after making it into the first division for the first time since the 1970s.

    ‘It is the minimum gesture of solidarity that is within our reach,’ the teams said in a statement.

    Sportsmanship also prevailed, with Atletico Nacional asking that the championship title be given to its rival, whose upstart run had electrified football-crazy Brazil.

    Rescuers working through the night were initially heartened after pulling three people alive from the wreckage. But as the hours passed, heavy fog and stormy weather grounded helicopters and slowed efforts to reach the crash site.

    At daybreak, dozens of bodies scattered across a muddy mountainside were collected into white bags. They were then loaded on to several Black Hawk helicopters that had to perform a tricky manoeuvre to land on the crest of the Andes mountains.

    The plane’s fuselage appeared to have broken into two, with the nose facing downward into a steep valley.

    A boy sits alone in the stands of the football team that was all but wiped out (Picture: AFP/Getty)

    Officials initially reported 81 people were on board the flight, but later revised that to 77, saying four people on the flight manifest did not board the plane.

    Three players were among the survivors. Alan Ruschel was reported in the most serious condition, facing surgery for a spinal fracture. Teammates Helio Zampier and Jakson Follmann also suffered multiple injuries, and doctors had to amputate Follmann’s right leg.

    A journalist also underwent surgery and two Bolivian crew members were in a stable condition, hospital officials said.

    The aircraft is owned by LaMia, a charter company that started off in Venezuela but later relocated to Bolivia, where it was certified to operate last January. Despite such apparently limited experience the airline has a close relationship with several premier South American squads.

    Earlier this month, the plane involved in the crash transported Barcelona forward Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team from Brazil following a World Cup qualifier match.

    The airliner also appears to have transported the national squads of Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela over the last three months, according to a log of recent activity provided by

    Chapecoense fans attend a mass in Chapeco, Brazil (Picutre: EPA)

    Before being taken offline, LaMia’s website said it operated three 146 Avro short-haul jets made by British Aerospace, with a maximum range of around 1,600 nautical miles – about the same as the distance between Santa Cruz and Medellin.

    Hans Weber, an adviser to US aviation authorities, said the air distance between cities was usually measured by the shortest route but planes rarely flew in a straight line – pilots may steer around turbulence or change course for other reasons.

    Given the model of the plane and that it was flying close to capacity ‘I would be concerned that the pilots may have been cutting it too close’, Mr Weber said.

    Bolivia’s civil aviation agency said the aircraft picked up the Brazilian team in Santa Cruz, where the players had arrived on a commercial flight from Sao Paulo. Spokesman Cesar Torrico said the plane underwent an inspection before departing for Colombia and reported no problems.

    ‘We can’t rule out anything. The investigation is ongoing and we’re going to await the results,’ said Gustavo Vargas, a retired Bolivian air force general who is president of the airline.

    Colombian authorities hope to interview the Bolivian flight attendant who relayed the fuel concerns on Wednesday.

    Moments before the flight departed, the team’s coaching staff gave an interview praising the airline, saying it brought them good fortune when it flew them to Colombia last month for the championship’s quarter-finals, which they won.

    The team, from the small Brazilian agro-industrial city of Chapeco, was in the midst of a breakout season advancing last week to the Copa Sudamericana finals after defeating some of the region’s top sides, including Argentina’s San Lorenzo and Independiente, as well as Colombia’s Junior.

    Chapecoense were so modest that tournament organisers ruled its 22,000-seat arena was too small to host the final match, which was moved to a stadium 300 miles to the north, in the city of Curitiba.

    The team won over fans across Brazil with its spectacular run, with some even taking up a campaign online to move the final match to Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracana stadium, where the 2014 World Cup finals were played.

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    What Can I Expect at an Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program, new hope nj rehab.#New

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    What Can I Expect at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program?

    New hope nj rehab

    A first-time rehab experience can be scary—but it can also give you the lift you need to adopt a sober lifestyle.

    First, no locks are on the doors. You are free to leave at any time. Even if you have been adjudicated by the criminal justice system into the program, you can still walk out. You may face the consequences later, but you can choose to leave.

    The reason there are no locks is that no rehab or treatment program is going to work unless you are willing.

    If you enter rehab knowing that you are going to drink or use drugs again, you are wasting your money and everyone s time.

    If you decide to stay, you ll encounter similar conditions regardless of the facility you choose.

    The First Stop: Detox

    Some residential rehab facilities feature their own in-house detoxification programs, but more centers today require clients to complete detox prior to entering their facilities. In other words, you may need to get clean and sober before you can even enter rehab.

    The trend today is to have you go through the withdrawal process at a facility that specializes in dealing with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Typically, this transition occurs on a short-term—five to seven days—inpatient basis, although the time frame can vary.

    The Facilities

    Thousands of residential rehab facilities are in the United States today, and each one is different from the next as far as its physical facilities are concerned.

    New hope nj rehab

    They range from almost primitive camp-type settings—usually for troubled teens—to the most luxurious facilities imaginable and everything in between.

    Like most other things in life, you get what you pay for or what you or your insurance can afford. The type of physical facilities the program offers has little to do with how successful or effective their program might be in keeping you sober.


    Education is the core component of all treatment and rehab programs. It may vary from facility to facility, but generally, the process is aimed at getting you to look at your addiction honestly and realistically, and change your attitude about your drug and alcohol use.

    In the early stages of recovery, most alcoholics or addicts may still be holding on to some denial about the seriousness of their problem or may be ambivalent about quitting drugs and alcohol for good. Treatment programs try to break through that denial and ambivalence to try to get you to commit to a clean and sober lifestyle.

    Typically, you will learn about the nature of alcoholism and the dynamics of addiction, the effects drugs and alcohol have on your body and the consequences if you continue to use.

    Counseling and Group Therapy

    During your rehab, you will probably receive individual counseling with a trained addiction counselor and you will possibly participate daily in group therapy meetings with others at the facility.

    These sessions are designed to teach you the skills that you will need to live life without drugs and alcohol.

    You will learn how to recognize situations in which you are most likely to drink or use drugs and how to avoid these circumstances in the future. You will learn new coping skills.

    The group sessions are designed to teach you the value of seeking support from others who are going through the same experiences and challenges that you are. In some facilities, these group sessions may be actual 12-step meetings. In other facilities, they may be facilitated by staff members.

    Family Meetings

    Many successful drug and alcohol rehab programs include members of your family in your treatment program.

    Research has shown that including family and friends in the educational process significantly improves rehab outcomes. Some programs include family members and friends throughout the entire rehab process, from the initial assessment through continued follow-up aftercare.

    In the family meetings, your family members will learn about the dynamics of addiction, learn to identify strengths and resources to help encourage you in your recovery, discuss how they have been affected by your substance abuse, and learn how they also can begin to heal their own wounds.

    Many rehab facilities require family members to attend Al-Anon meetings if they want to visit you while you are in treatment, to learn how they may have been enabling you and contributing to the problem with their actions and reactions to your substance abuse.

    Aftercare Program

    The typical residential drug and alcohol rehab program will last about 28 days, sometimes longer, during which you remain in a structured environment where no drugs are alcohol are available.

    Successful rehab programs have a strong aftercare program plan designed to meet your individual needs. By now your counselor probably knows you well and will suggest the next steps based on where you are on your recovery journey.

    Your aftercare plan may include intensive outpatient treatment, residence at a halfway house, attendance at 12-step meetings, weekly check-ins with your counselor, and other suggestions to help you avoid the situations and triggers that might cause you to relapse.

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    FHA Mortgage #refinancing #homes

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    FHA mortgages have always been the alternative to risky subprime mortgages. The underwriting guidelines for FHA mortgages are very flexible and as a result when your personal loan officer takes your applications and tries to approve it they will receive a response from their underwriting system on if you are Approved, Approved with Conditions, or Not approved.

    Also no matter what your score you can get the same rate as someone with excellent credit who also applies for an FHA loan which means no matter what your credit grade you will be saving money.

    Being approved with conditions can be as simple as making one of your credit cards current, or maybe a line of credit is still reporting after being closed. There can be a multitude of reasons and the situation is different for everyone. This is essentially your path to homeownership. Your loan officer will inform you on the conditions and it is up to you to meet them.

    FHA has released guidelines on credit scores – with a 580 score considered to the be the minimum for approval without conditions. You can still get approved for a mortgage below 580 down to a 500 score but you would need to put a much greater downpayment and possibly resolve any issues around federal debt such as student loans that need to be made current before you can enjoy any FHA financing.

    It is also important to note that many banks often have their own specific guidelines for FHA products. We try to match you with the best lenders that can help you.

    In the lending industry anything below 640 is considered adverse or bad credit. Since we work with FHA loan officers which have access to these products that lend below 640 we are showing you a path to homeownership even if you have bad credit. There are limits on how bad your credit can be – for anyone below a 500 score there are no options until you can improve your credit.

    For more information on how you best get a mortgage with bad credit ask your personal FHA loan officer about your path to homeownership.

    Get started Now

    Get your free consultation now. There is no cost to the consumer for requesting a free consultation & we never charge you for using this service. Read our Privacy Policy

    Please note: There are no fees to submit your application or to request your free consultation with an FHA loan officer. These services are provided to you at no charge and no obligations. Not a government agency, Not a Lender. Not affiliated with HUD or the FHA.

    All material on this website is Copyrighted. The material on this site should not be used, copied, stored or transmitted outside of normal use. Not a government agency, Not a Lender. Not affiliated with HUD or the FHA. We do not offer any mortgage credit products and are not brokers or lenders. Contains 3rd party ads.

    2017 New Eclipse Enterprises Inc. 26 Blueberry Hill Rd, Bearsville NY 12409.

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    Small-Business Loans – 3 ways to get a loan #business #laon

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    3 ways to get a small-business loan

    The recovering economic environment has meant that small businesses have had to be more creative when looking for loans.

    However, companies with sound business strategies still can borrow. Options include loans from traditional banks and institutions affiliated with the Small Business Administration, as well as financing from Internet-based lenders.

    “For creditworthy, high-scoring small businesses, there is money available,” says George Cloutier, CEO of American Management Services, a consultant to small businesses.

    Bank loans

    The best place to get a small-business loan is still a bank, says Cloutier. Banks typically offer the lowest interest rates and many have established reputations as trustworthy lenders.

    “Many small businesses try three or four banks and then stop looking,” Cloutier says. A more persistent approach has better odds of success.

    Calculate business loan payment

    Want to calculate your small-business loan payment? Go to Bankrate’s loan and amortization calculator .

    “Take out the phone book, target 10 banks and work through that list,” he says.

    That strategy worked for Michael McKean. He is founder of The Knowland Group, a company that helps hotels fill up their meeting space.

    A few years ago, as the success of The Knowland Group grew, McKean began searching for a bank that would give the growing company expanded access to credit.

    “We talked to every bank in our area, at least a dozen,” McKean says. “Many came back with proposals, but the terms were very onerous. Or sometimes they shifted terms.”

    Finally, M T Bank came through.

    “They just wanted to get our business,” McKean says.

    McKean says his company did not approach M T any differently than it had approached the other banks. It was just a matter of being persistent until the right deal came along, he says.

    “We did everything right, approaching the right person at each bank,” he says. “We’re a profitable business. I think it was just the. credit crunch that prevented us from getting a loan.”

    Cloutier says the key to success with banks is to show past profitability, and to describe a well thought-out plan for future profits.

    “If you aren’t making a profit now, you must be able to tell the bank how you will change that in the short term, or you really won’t be able to get a loan,” he says.

    He also recommends that businesses start small in their loan requests.

    “If you need money for four trucks, ask for two,” Cloutier says. “The bigger the loan request, the harder it is to get it approved.”

    SBA loans

    Another way to find a bank loan is through the Small Business Administration, or SBA. The SBA can direct you to banks that offer loans guaranteed by the agency. This way, you’ll have the advantage of approaching banks specifically interested in lending to small businesses.

    Interested businesses should contact the SBA office nearest to them, which can be found on the agency’s website. Jeanne Hulit, the SBA’s acting administrator, urges businesses to seek a bank that is an experienced SBA lender.

    Banks granting SBA loans place increased emphasis on business plans, cash flow and profit forecasts in deciding whether to lend, she says. The SBA also can refer businesses to free counseling centers to improve their performance.

    Online opportunities

    Another source for loans is the Internet. There are several sites where businesses can seek alternative lenders, such as individuals and small companies.

    Interest rates are generally a little higher than what a bank will charge, but it’s much less than what you’ll have to pay on many credit cards.

    Look around at different sites, some may charge a one-time fee to list your business, while others are free to list but might have fees reflected in loan rates.

    If you’re going to list your company on one of these sites, describe your business in clear and concise language.

    Lastly, make sure to investigate the company you are looking to post your business on. These kinds of companies were successful in 2008 and during the recession, but times have changed. Many have since gone out of business. Before paying for anything, make sure the company is legit.

    Bankrate’s community sharing policy

    Bankrate wants to hear from you and encourages thoughtful and constructive comments. We ask that you stay focused on the story topic, respect other people’s opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal contents and advertisement posts. Comments are not reviewed before they are posted. Bankrate reserves the right (but is not obligated) to edit or delete your comments. Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. We do not permit the inclusion of hyperlinks in comments and may remove any comment that includes a hyperlink.

    By submitting a post, you agree to be bound by Bankrate’s terms of use. Please refer to Bankrate’s privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate’s privacy practices.

    How we make money is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. Bankrate is compensated in exchange for featured placement of sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website. This compensation may impact how, where and in what order products appear. does not include all companies or all available products.

    2017 Bankrate, LLC All Rights Reserved.

    Maximize Your Money. Get Expert Advice Tools. Master Life’s Financial Journey.

    You have money questions. Bankrate has answers. Our experts have been helping you master your money for four decades.

    Our tools, rates and advice help no matter where you are on life’s financial journey.

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    Online Degree Programs, Northeastern University Online, online master degree in nutrition.#Online #master #degree #in #nutrition

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    online master degree in nutrition

    Online master degree in nutrition Online master degree in nutrition Online master degree in nutrition

    Areas of study include:

    Areas of study include:

    Areas of study include:

    Areas of study include:

    All Degree Programs

    Why Online and Professional Degrees?

    More Reading

    Online master degree in nutrition

    Online master degree in nutrition

    Online master degree in nutrition

    Online master degree in nutrition

    Our Students

    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition
    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “The online platform has allowed me to earn my master’s degree all while caring for my family as a single parent. I find the courses challenging, fulfilling, and manageable.”

      Liz P., Online MBA

    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “The Northeastern University name really speaks to real-world experience.”

      Stacie B., Master’s in Project Management

    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “This program seemed really daunting at first, but the layout and structure really helped me as a working professional.”

      Tony P., Master’s in Sports Leadership

    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “The knowledge gained through this program is invaluable for someone looking to break into pharmaceutical biotechnology and make an immediate impact in their company’s success.”

      Steve K., Master’s in Biotechnology

    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “Northeastern’s online courses have allowed me to further my education without having to compromise my time.”

      Sarah A., Master’s in Education, Higher Education Administration Specialization

    • Online master degree in nutrition

      “As an aerospace engineer, I didn’t think I could pursue a career in computer science. Through ALIGN, I get to earn a master’s degree that combines my existing background with new knowledge.”

      Stephen C., Master’s in Computer Science

      Online Experience

      Graduates from Northeastern University

      describe their experience with online learning.

      About Us

      Online master degree in nutrition

      With campuses in Boston, MA, Seattle, WA and Charlotte, NC, San Jose, CA, and Toronto, Canada, Northeastern University brings you the power and reputation of a world-class institution.

      Northeastern is a nationally ranked, regionally accredited private research university. Offering our rigorous courses online allows you to get ahead in your education without putting life on hold. Learn more about us.

      Online master degree in nutrition

      360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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    Code a simple tcp socket server in winsock #simple #server #monitoring

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    Code a simple tcp socket server in winsock

    Communication over sockets involves 2 programs running on the same machine or on separate machines across a network. First is a socket server and the other is a socket client. Tcp stands for Transmission control protocol and it is the most common protocol being used for most of the network communication that takes place over internet or a lan. There are other important protocols like udp, arp, icmp and they are used mandatorily but in small quantities.

    These protocols are technically speaking, define the format how data should be structured into packets when sending them across a network. So every protocol has a different format and most importantly has a different purpose. For example for all kinds of content download and upload, tcp is used. For network analysis the icmp and arp protocols are used and so on. Every protocol has been designed to serve a different purpose.

    So in this post we shall see how to write a socket server on windows using the winsock api. Winsock is the socket api on windows and can be used to write socket speaking applications. The code shall be in C.

    So a socket server is an application that runs on a machine and expects clients to connect to it so that it can serve them. The steps to write a socket server are simple.

    1. Create a socket.
    2. Bind it to an ip and port.
    3. Start listening on it
    4. Accept incoming connections and process them.

    Each of the above steps has an associated function as we shall soon see in the code.

    The above code will start a socket server on port 8888. Run it from one console and then in another console connect to it using the telnet command. The output of the telnet should look like this

    The server sends this message to the connected client. The server is built using the following important functions

    The accept function returns a new socket which indicates the connection between this program and the remote client program. The master socket can continue to receive the next connections. The above program demonstrates how a socket program can work, but it is very limited in its functionality. It can just accept 1 incoming connection and after that it is dead.

    Handle multiple connections – Asynchronous socket programming

    For this server to be any useful, it must be able to accept multiple incoming connections and keep processing them till the clients want. So the next attempt shall be to write a server that can handle multiple connections and tackle all of them simultaneously.

    There are many ways to handle multiple client connections. The first and most intuitive one is using threads. As soon as a client connects, assign a separate thread to process each client. However threads are too much work and difficult to code properly.

    There are other techniques like polling. Polling involves monitoring multiple sockets to see if “something” happened on any of them. For example, the server could be monitoring the sockets of 5 connected clients, and as soon as any of them send a message, the server gets notified of the event and then processes it. In this way it can handle multiple sockets. The winsock api provides a function called “select” which can monitor multiple sockets for some activity.

    Since we are able to handle all sockets together at once it is called asynchronous socket programming. It is also called event-driven socket programming or select()-based multiplexing.

    The select function prototype is like this

    The first parameter is a dummy one. The readfds parameter is a pointer to an array of sockets which should be monitored to be readable. This means that if any socket in the readfds set receives some data, it becomes readable. Similarly the writefds sockets would be monitored to be writable and the exceptfds sockets shall be monitored for any error. The last parameter is the timeout parameter, which indicates the length of time which the select function shall wait for before returning.

    Now after a select function returns, it re-fills the same readfds array with the readable sockets. Same with writefds and exceptfds. This means that we have to keep calling select function in a loop, and everytime have to prepare our list of readfds, writefds and exceptfds array of sockets to pass.

    The socket arrays are variables of type fd_set. fd_set is basically a structure that looks like this

    To work with fd_set array the following macros have to be used.

    Now that is a lot of theory. Lets get to the final code that uses all that theory to get something working.

    Does that look like a big program. Compile and run it. It should show an output like this

    Now the socket server is ready and waiting for incoming connection. At this point we need to connect to it using some client like telnet. But wait, we are not going to use telnet. Telnet has a problem that it always operates in character mode and that will screw up our interaction with this simple program. So get another utility called putty or ncat. Ncat is the netcat version that comes with nmap. Download it from their website. Or download puttytel. the putty telnet.

    If you are using ncat then connect to the socket server like this

    If you are using puttytel, the launch it and go to Connection > Telnet and select Passive mode. This will make putty line mode. Then come back to Session tab and enter the hostname and port and click open. it will connect to the server and start a black telnet like terminal.

    Once the client program is connected with the server, try sending some message by typing first and then hit enter. The server will reply back with the same message.

    The server terminal would look like this

    And now, try to open multiple client terminals and connect at the same time to server. The server would be able to process requests from all the clients together.

    Now thats a long run. I will go and take a cup of coffee, and meanwhile you check if the programs are running fine.

    Last Updated On. 28th March 2013

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