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Crawdad Song [core]

You get a line and I’ll get a pole honey
You get a line and I’ll get a pole, babe
You get a line and I’ll get a pole
And we’ll go down to the crawdad hole
Honey, baby mine

Get up old man you slept too late. ( 3)
Crawdad man done passed your gate.

Yonder come a man with a sack on his back. ( 3)
Packin’ all the crawdads he can pack.

He fell down and he bust that sack. ( 3)
‘Twas a sight to see the crawdads back to back.

A-sittin’ on the ice till my feet got cold. ( 3)
A-watchin’ that crawdad dig his hole.

What you gonna do when the lake goes dry. ( 3)
Sit on the bank and watch the crawdads die.

I heard the duck say to the drake. ( 3)
“There ain’t no crawdads in this lake”.

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A song from the The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection. which offers lyrics and free Song Clips (recordings for learning the song by ear) for nearly 400 traditional songs, many of which are often heard in bluegrass and old-time jam circles. The ToneWay Project also offers songbooks, CDs, and a free online video series for learning to play music by ear.

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For Your Most Cherished Contemporary Christian Lyrics and Popular Gospel Lyrics

Search thousands of gospel song lyrics, Contemporary Christian song lyrics, praise worship along with Christian rock songs

This site is dedicated to praising God through song. Feel free to browse through thousands of Christian lyrics and black gospel lyrics from a broad range of popular gospel and contemporary Christian music artists including choirs, bands, soloists, songwriters and popular worship leaders.

Christian/gospel lyrics are categorized by the main Christian musical genres, within: Gospel Music Lyrics, Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics, Praise and Worship and Christian Rock. You can freely search lyrics of your favorite songs by artists’ first names. Uniquely for a music lyrics site, the lyrics are grouped and interlinked within their original albums for your viewing pleasure and ease of search.

Gospel Song Lyrics

Christian Song Lyrics

Praise Worship

Archive of popular gospel music lyrics spanning over 50 years. More >

Thousands of (CCM) contemporary Christian music lyrics. More >

Lyrics of songs from a broad selection of praise and worship singers. More >

View list of the most popular Christian singers, bands and choirs. More >

Many popular Christian music artists fall within multiple musical categories, so you may find an artist within Praise Worship Lyrics as well as in Gospel Music Lyrics. If you don’t find the artist through manual search, please use the search box. You can find the lyric of a specific song by typing the title and the singer’s name. If you only remember one but not the other, or part of a name or title, enter it anyway and the engine will dig up the lyric for you.

This is a rapidly growing site and we will be regularly making additions to the Christian lyrics collection as well as our gospel lyrics archive. You will also be able to submit or amend any Christian song lyrics or gospel song lyrics of your choice in due course.

> 7000 Free Lyrics
> Hundreds of Artists
> Black Gospel Songs
> Contemporary Songs
> Praise Worship
> Christian Rock

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Best 5 Free Online Music Streaming Services; listen unlimited Songs #backgammon #online #free

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Best 5+ Free Online Music Streaming Services; listen unlimited Songs

The revolution of Internet has changed the world of media, and music is no exception from this list. Now most of the people are only listening their favorite tracks using music streaming services without downloading it. Organizing and renaming the music collections based on title and genre are not easy when you have the huge database of Music files in your system. That s why many people looking for the online music streaming services.

But most of the services have come with price tag and restrictions in terms of limit to how many songs you can listen to, or the selection of music for free accounts. If you want to store your entire music collection on the cloud and want to listen for free then use Google Play Music .

I used to hear a lot of music whether I wrote articles or developing WordPress Themes for my users. Here I have listed my favorite and the best free and most popular online Music streaming services for you.


Grooveshark is the one of most popular and oldest free online music streaming service provider. They have millions od songs in their database for you to listen. Whenever you want to listen music online for free, Grooveshark could be the best choice for you. You don t need account to create playlists and however if you have an account the playlist will be saved in your account.


  • Just create playlist and listen music continuously
  • There is a community section for you to listen the user-created playlists.
  • If you are confused and don t sure which song to play, there is popular music songs section for you. Just go there and click the play all button. That s it, Enjoy hours of music without end.

Update: Grooveshark shuts down on from Apr 30,2015 due to Copyright claims and licenses


Gaana provides paid and free online music streaming service, especially for Indian users. The most of the music songs in their databases are from Indian artists and from Bollywood and Tamil movies. They have musics also from the Hollywood movies and artists from all over the world. Although this is one of the best free online music streaming service for India.


  • Users can create playlists and listen songs without registration/subscription
  • Offers songs sections like Radio stations, Artists and mood. They have created the Radio stations for most famous artists like A.R Rehman, Shakira when you open the Radio stations it will play the songs continuously.

8 Tracks

8 Tracks is an internet radio and social networking website revolving around the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. Here users can create playlist to listen songs and as well you can listen music from the playlist created by community members. You can create your own playlists by uploading mp3 and mp4 files. is another music service that will play music as well as give music suggestions based on you listening categories. The service is free for users in the UK, US, and Germany; users in Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil require a subscription to use the radio service


TheSixtyOne is the unique music streaming service. You have very little control over the playback. TheSixtyOne has been criticised by many people who have the new design with the emphasis on high-resolution photography, location, and lyrics .


I used to have a lot of tabs open in my Google Chrome browser, Grooveshark or tabs always there for me to listen music. Are you like me and which one is your Favorite music streaming service?

Tips Web Best 5+ Free Online Music Streaming Services; listen unlimited Songs

Raja CRN

Raja CRN is the Founder of CRN Interactive that offers various useful Digital Resources. He has more than five years of experience in content Writing and Web development specialized in WordPress. For the past 2 years, He is working on the Linux Administration. Occasionally, He dives into Android Development. He is an engineering graduate in Information Technology. He’s also very social, find him at Google+

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Best 10 Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Free Music Online Without Downloading – Top 10 Best Sites #bitlord #free #download

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Best 10 Free Music Streaming Sites to Listen Free Music Online Without Downloading

It is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like to listen music. It is a great source of enjoyment and fun and people really enjoy listening music. Everyone has their own choice of music ; some may love to listen classic, some love to listen pop, some rock and some instrumental. People also have their own way to listen music. But now most of people enjoy listening music on their computer, laptop and smartphone. The traditional method of listening music on these devices require us to download music first and then only we can listen to them.

Downloading music is not a bad idea and there are some best music downloading websites available from where you can download any kind of music for free. But people like me who don’t like to wait and want to hear new music right after its release won’t satisfy with the music downloading process. There are music streaming sites available where you can listen to music online. But the problem is they cost you some amount of money to provide you music to listen online. Luckily, there are some other free streaming sites available from where you can listen to free music online without downloading. But the most common problem is most of those free streaming sites are not updated with the latest music.

Now you might be thinking like “is there any site available to listen latest music for free? ”. Yes, there are! Today I am going to share 10 best free music streaming sites where you can listen to free music online without downloading a single file .

Best 10 Sites to Listen Music Online for Free

Below are the list of 10 best free online music streaming website to listen vfree music online wthout downloading anything.


Pandora is a free music streaming website for listen to free music online. It is a personalized online radio station which plays songs according to your choice. It is one of the largest free online music site which has almost all kinds of songs be it old or new songs. Its search bar is the power house for you from where you can search for any song, genres, album and artist to listen music.

Link to Pandora- is one of the best free online music streaming sites with all the advance feature. It is one of the very first music streaming sites. It got it’s a new look recently. It has a decent number of songs that can stream and download for free. It is a user based site where it keeps track of your choice and suggest music according to your interest.

Link for


Spotify is one of the popular online music streaming sites with millions of songs. Here you can find almost every song from every genre and album. It’s a one stop destination for all music lovers; here all the music can be browsed by artist name, genres, album, music name and playlist. To listen to free music you need to download their music app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and windows.

Link is another great free music streaming site like They have a specialization in imported music streaming and dance music from all around the world. has an attractive design with easy navigations to make sure you get easily what you were looking for.


It has a huge database! Huge mean really huge. Mog claims to have 16 million of songs in its database which makes this a best place to listen free mp3 music online without downloading anything. Here you can choose from a verity of songs, genres and artist according to your own choice MOG also suggest the most matching music according to your search history.


Let’s move forward! Next is SoundCloud, a popular music streaming online website which is popular all over the world. It has millions of active users. Here anyone can search and listen to any kind of songs. You can even upload and share your own song to the world.


Slacker is another big and one of the best free music online website for listening music for free. It has millions of songs and can be accessed for free. Its easy search option makes it easy to search any music from a genre or category. You can also access to some of its radio station, according to your own taste of music.


Gaana is one of the biggest online music streaming portal in India. It is mainly focused for Indian music bold old and new. Gaana update its database very frequently and make sure to add each and every song as soon as possible. Gaana is mostly a paid service, but you can listen to free songs too.


8Tracks is another big name in the digital music industry. 8Tracks is mostly a online radio station created by its users. Here anyone can create and share his/her radio station with others. You can find at least 10 stations in every genre.


RadioTuna is a powerful online radio service which is having custom made radio station for each category and genres. Here you can find and join more than 200 genres and their radio. RadioTuna is also an online music search engine to find music online.

Last Word

Online music streaming is a new trend now days. Like everything it is all depends on the internet and if you have a good internet connection this is the best option for you. You can always listen to free music online without download via this music streaming online websites.

How you liked this article? Is there anything I missed? Do you know any other good music streaming website? Do share your thought and views with us in the comment section below.

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The Sims 4 Free Download

The Sims 4 Free Download PC game setup in single direct link for windows. The Sims 4 is very highly acknowledged life simulation game.

The Sims 4 PC Game Overview

The Sims 4 is developed by EA Maxis in association with The Sims Studio and is published by EA sports. It is a single player multi task game. The game is out now and gave a chance to you to play like a God again. Now you can play with life like never before.

The Sims 4 Free Download is in the same league as its predecessors. The players can control all the activities of their sims and can form new relationships. The created sims can change their moods as the game move on. You can give multiple tasks to your sims and the sims will perform the task according to their current mood. For example if you give a task to your sim when he/she is angry, the task will be performed in a very aggressive way. You can control their emotions, their 24 hours activities. Even you can select the way to die for the sims. Your sims can die due to drowning, starvation or even laughter. We have uploaded complete series of The sims game like, The sims 2 castaway. The Sims 2 .

All in all The Sims 4 is a very elegant and absorbing simulation of daily life with catchy visuals and anyone will get addicted to it when he/she will play it so give it a try. But before you start this game you must have idea about The Sims 3 PC game .

Features of The Sims 4

Following are the main features of The Sims 4 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Single player multi task game.
  • Stunning visuals.
  • Can create your own sims.
  • Can control their 24 hours activities.
  • Elegant and absorbing life simulation game.

System Requirements of The Sims 4 PC Game

Before you start The Sims 4 Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz processor
  • RAM: 2GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 9GB of free space required.

The Sims 4 Free Download

Click on the below button to start The Sims 4 Free Download. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Before installing game you must watch this video

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  • The Sims 4 Dine Out Free Download
  • Fallout Shelter 2016 Free Download
  • The Sims 3 Free Download

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Carlton – New Bingo Site For 2016 – 2500 Free Bingo Bonus! #free #music #download #programs

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Welcome to Carlton Bingo

Carlton Bingo is a UK online bingo site offering the best in 90 and 75 ball bingo, huge bingo jackpots. progressives, loads of slots and instant games and a fab array of weekly bingo events to satisfy all your bingo desires!

Our best in class CMs will have you laughing your socks off and you’ll be bathing in loyalty points in no time. We’re always striving to make our players happy! Incredible online bingo action awaits you and you’ll even get a fab 20 free play on your first deposit of just a tenner!

Please play responsibly – for more information visit

Carlton Bingo is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Please click here for more details.

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LyricsMode – Lyrics, explanations and meanings for more than 800, 000 songs #free #rpg

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There is nothing constant in this world except change. Love can fade. The one who always loves and protects you might be the one who will hate and hurt you. The person who looks up on you might be the person who will loo k down on you in the future. Read more

The inconstancy of friends and friendship. We are motivated by different things – and friends are no less different. But when these actions disagree with your own, you try to hang on as a friend, even knowing what they a re doing is foolish – paper wings. In the end, we see that person change, and we (in our role as friend) cannot bear seeing this torment to keep happening – train leaving, it’s not waiting for you; neither am I. Read more

X Ambassadors Unsteady

I have a son with mental illness and to me this song sums up what it does to a family. So to me this would be sung from the perspective of my son. He knows he does wrong. He is constantly apologizing. We go through hell. He knows he IS unsteady but he also knows he needs us. We do feel alone because his issues make friendships hard and they affect the relationship between me and my husband. I know there are other meanings but this is what it means to me and it breaks my heart. Whenever I am so mad at him for the things he does I think of him begging for us to not let (him) go. Making it more sad is the progression of time with it starting out calling the parents mama/daddy and then mother/dad, showing nothing has changed over time. Read more

Them Crooked Vultures Dead End Friends

This can be taken in many ways. I took it like this: The narrator does not know what he is in life, hence the “I follow the road, blind, until the road is dead end,” “Dead end” meaning he draws a blank to his ideas. He thinks some laws are just meant to “herd us over the cliff,” or are harmful instead of helpful. He wants to know “what puzzle peice fell out” of him, meaning he wants to know where it all went wrong. He has friends that are “dead ends,” and he is reluctant to join them in their mischief. He “aches for the touch” of them, meaning he wants them to be back to normal, away from trouble. He slowly realizes that he is just like them, a dead end, becuase of a “look in your eyes.” It is unclear who this “your” is, possibly one of the friends, or a girlfriend, as he says “hold me real close then do it again,” meaning they might have had sex. He states that he is becoming a dead end in the following line: “I can tell, by that look in your eyes. We’re the same, my dead end friends and I.” He then starts accepting the fact that he has become a dead end when he states: “We drive all alone at night, A never ending begin. Sweet as a curse just out of reach, Awakens the dead end part of me and oh, No more wandering. Just me and my dead end friends again.” He knows that he has become a dead end and accepts it. He knows he WANTS to be a dead end when he says “No more wandering.” He has accepted it and loves being with his friends again, even if they break some laws doing it. In all, this song is about a man who wants to find out who he really is. He finally finds it when he joins his friends in mischief. Read more

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

My favorite song by Turisas, and one of my favorites of all time. It may be sometimes overlooked because of its length, but it deserves as much recognition as possible, The song tells the story of the fall of the Byzanti ne Empire, and expands upon this to work on the definition of history itself. The stars and moon, feared by the singer, are common Islamic symbols, and refer to the overthrow of the Byzantine Empire by the nascent Ottoman Empire, a “new power on the rise.” The “walls” referred to as falling are the Theodosian Walls, which protected Constantinople for 1000 years before falling to the Ottomans. Personally, my favorite lyric in this song is “As long as you spend / There is more for you to lend / Someone always saves us in the end.” This represents to me the fiscal disaster that the Empire became during the last few emperors after the Sack of Constantinople in 1204, and the apathy that they sank into. As a student of history, this apathy is familiar as that of the Western Roman Empire, Venice, and numerous other once-great powers that were either abandoned by their allies or simply pummeled to a pulp, and at the end simply resigned themselves to their fate. Other lyrics throughout the song express disbelief at the fact that the Empire has fallen, and that their time “ended so fast”–in fact, the Ultimus Romanorum was the last vestige of one of the longest-lived empires in history, and its fall showed that everything must end. The final choruses, soaring and majestic, are incredibly powerful as the last gasp of a dying empire, and the silence that follows them carries enormous symbolism. The End of an Empire is a tragic, majestic thing, and I think Turisas has done an amazing job conveying this in their song. Read more

Mylene Farmer Comme J ai Mal

This song talks about what a woman is feeling when she’s too deeply in love with someone (“Je m’abîme d’être moi-même – “I damage myself to be myself”). She wants to have a new start before the wind tears her and her feelings apart, not wanting to show how she suffers. She wants to leave the world she’s living in to reach a better place, knowing what the others literally see in her eyes. In the 2 verses, Mylene sings it all, and the very dynamic chorus is very interesting too. In my opinion, this song is one of her musically best successes, along with “Stolen Car” and “City of Love”. Read more

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How to Listen to Music for Free #free #mmorpgs

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How to Listen to Music for Free

First, you need to realize that there may be some restrictions such as having to listen to the music only on your computer rather than being able to transfer it to your mp3 player. If you want to put the music on cds or an mp3 player, you may need to just give in and purchase the music. If you are not extremely picky and just want to listen to some good tunes, look at the following steps!

Visit websites like,,, and These websites have streaming music online. You can pick and choose stations, choose artists you prefer, eliminate artists or songs that you dislike, or just listen to a genre of music. You cannot download this music in order to listen to at a certain time later, but you can revisit the site and listen to your chosen stations whenever you want. Please realize that these stations are available to the public for free because of advertisements. You may have to deal with a 15 second ad every couple of hours. The free music is totally worth it though!

Search for a free downloading software such as Q-trax and There are others, however many of them provide music by independent artists who do not have a major record label. Some popular songs will be available, but some will not. Q-trax, a new service, has deals with the major record labels and will be adding songs to their database starting in 2009.

Look for your local radio station’s website online. Many radio stations provide a streaming version of their radio station so you can listen from anywhere, even if you do not have a radio nearby! You can still participate in call-in contests but be aware of the 1-2 minute delay that the online station may have from the radio.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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Youtube is an excellent site for getting the best free online entertainment. While youtube videos are the primary content for the website.

Sometimes, the options for listening to music online seem positively endless–and they aren t always legal, either. Fortunately, there are also plenty of.

If you re tired of your current music library, looking for something new and don t want to pay for it, learn how to.

Deezer is an online community that allows you to listen to music for free. Unlike some other sites, it s 100% legal and.

Use a program such as QuickTime to listen to online radio stations, or use Internet sites such as iTunes or Rhapsody to.

Instead, search for the group you want to hear. For instance, trying to search for Minority (Green Day). Here are some.

You May Also Like. How to Listen to Glee Music Online Free. It s not hard to find some great free music.

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You know I just love that new Kid Rock song, “All Summer Long.” It brings back memories from summers of childhood. It is also the number one song that your kids are listening to right about now. Or maybe you remember that old Disco song in Italian from a guy named Pino D’Angio. What was the name of that song? Oh yeah, it was “Ma Quale Idea”. You can try to find it in an old Vinyl Shop or listen to it for free on the web.

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Stories similar to Grooveshark — Listen to Free Music :

Additional information on Grooveshark — Listen to Free Music :
GroovesharkListen to Free Music Online – Internet Radio – Free MP3 Streaming. Search for songs. artists, genres. Create Account. Sign In. Home. Genres .
– Xmarks site page for grooveshark listen .grooveshark .com with topics, reviews, ratings and comments. Listen to any song in the world for free .
– Popular music available for free on Grooveshark. . Get all of the top charts based on popularity from Grooveshark. Popular Music Tags / Genres Community .
GroovesharkListen to Free Music Online – Internet Radio – Free MP3 Streaming. Search for songs. artists, genres. Create Account. Sign In. Home. Genres .
– Feb 9, 2010 .Grooveshark is a web based streaming music service quite similar to Pandora or However, unlike most streaming music sites you can .
Grooveshark is a music search engine that streams free music based on searchers specific preferences and recommendations. Learn more about Grooveshark.
– Aug 10, 2010 . Could Grooveshark be the best service for streaming music. A lot of people have taken to online music. It s a great way to listen to your favorite .
– Sep 25, 2011 .Listen to free music online without downloading! Listen to your favorite artist for free by streaming music for free in this website.

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5. Review of GroovesharkListen to Free Music Online with Grooveshark

This song is probably the best song of my early 2010. I love the lyrics and how Kings of Leon sang the song. On a radio report from Magic 89.9, it was reported that this song was composed when the band was in conflict that’s why they didn’t consider this song as one of their hits. Listen to the song ‘Use Somebody’ from the album ‘Only by the Night’ on the video below plus the lyrics:

It was early on a Saturday morning when I was on my way to get breakfast for my wife and I when “I saw her standing there” came on the radio. It may have been the volume (I tend to listen to music in the car very loud) or the rhythm of the song that made me want to play the song. I started tapping my feet and trying to sing along (I can’t hit those high notes!) and was really enjoying the song. I decided then and there that I would buy The Beatles’: Rock Band that day no matter the cost.

Welcome to cambodia forum lovekhmer is khmer forum that you can read khmer book. khmer magazine. khmer song. khmer movie. khmer novels and you can chat with khmer poeple. Dailymotion – khmer song – a people family video khmer mp3 download free download mp3 from all entertainment production in cambodia drop by everyday to download khmer music. Khmer mp3 download: song request: koch chet tok mon (m production) khmer oldsongs (15) kim heng production (43) m production (10) raksmey hangmeas production (3) song senghorn (6) sunday production (19) k2d radio online.

In today’s society you have to pay for everything. Especially in the music biz. Nothing comes free. You have to pay to promote yourself and get your name out there. And thats what I did, I paid to have my songs on the internet radio but i will need your help to keep them there. After my amount of plays is up I will have to pay to have them played again. UNLESS I have 50 positive ratings on my song(s). That is where I need your help. Please go to the website and listen and vote for me. If it asks you to sign up, its free so no worries. And your inbox will not be harmed.

What I Want 4 years 16 weeks ago

This is a song I wrote just recently, it is a blues/rock song.My family is very musically inclined and writing songs comes quite easy to me.I can easily sing the songs I write as I think the tune is just as important as the song.Read what others have to say about this song.Feel free to add your own opinion or share with others. Hope you enjoy.

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Download AutoCAD 2017 #pdf #free

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#free download manager


Try AutoCAD for 30 days


Trial privacy notice

This Trial No­tice describes a data collection and use program. By clicking CONTINUE, you agree to the terms of this Trial Notice.

We want you to have a useful, personalized, and engaging trial experience. We will use information we collect about your Autodesk product or service usage and website activity, and other information you might share with us, to help us decide what will be most relevant and interesting to you, and to learn more about how users like you work with our products and services.

In return for providing you access to this Autodesk product or service, we may communicate with you by email, by phone, in-product messages and/or via the website. We handle personal information in accordance with the Autodesk Privacy Statement.

I accept the terms of the license and services agreement. (Required)

Autodesk may contact me with helpful product information and marketing communications, including trial learning content.

Trial privacy notice

This Trial No­tice describes a data collection and use program. By clicking CONTINUE, you agree to the terms of this Trial Notice.

We want you to have a useful, personalized, and engaging trial experience. We will use information we collect about your Autodesk product or service usage and website activity, and other information you might share with us, to help us decide what will be most relevant and interesting to you, and to learn more about how users like you work with our products and services.

In return for providing you access to this Autodesk product or service, we may communicate with you by email, by phone, in-product messages and/or via the website. We handle personal information in accordance with the Autodesk Privacy Statement.

I accept the terms of the license and services agreement. (Required)

Autodesk may contact me with helpful product information and marketing communications, including trial learning content.

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